Celilo Bowmen

Celilo Bowmen Contact Information
yearly dues
$35.00 single $40.00 family

Celilo Bowmen Membership for 2010





Please mail to:

Single $35.00 Family $40.00 (under 18)
Jan. 1st-Dec. 31st
Celilo Bowmen

The Dalles, OR 97058

Chuck Overmyer       541-298-4025       chuckbowmen@hotmail.com

Joe & Darlene Davis  541-296-4810       rubyddavis@hotmail.com

Tim Logue               541-993-5170        timothy.logue@ferguson.com


Directions – Celilo Bowmen Outdoor Home Range

From Eastbound take Exit 84. From Westbound take Exit 83.

Follow signs to Cherry Heights (continue about 5 miles).

Turn right on Sandlin Road. Turn right on Hawley Road.

Watch for Celilo Bowmen Range Signs (third driveway on right hand side).

On Shoot dates signs will be out, just follow them!

Direction - Tygh Valley ORS MAY 3-D SHOOT

From The Dalles go south on 197, 30 miles to mile marker 33 (Shady Brook Road).

Go West on Shady Brook 1 mile.

Turn left on Fairgrounds Road.

Go 7/10 mile. Turn right on Badger Creek Road.

Go 3.3 miles on Badger Creek Road. Turn right to shoot entrance.

Our Shoot Dates signs will be out-just follow them-or contact any of the above

 Hood River Appleknockers contacts:

Bob Kendall at 541-386-1142
Sean Bohince 541-354-3127
Jeremy Smith 541-806-3337



|Celilo Bowmen Archery Club PO Box 1255 The Dalles, OR celilobowmen.com